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Trakker bivvies are used by many of the world’s finest anglers – including Gaz Fareham, Frank Warwick, Dave Levy, Darrel Peck, Martin Pick, Rick Golder, Nigel Sharp, Richard Farnan and many others. Some choose to use Trakker’s new shelters - some choose to stick with the Trakker bivvies they know work for them

At Tackle Fanatics we have one of the broadest ranges of Trakker bivvies in Europe. We have Trakker bivvies from the latest models to old favourites which may be a few years old but are still used on fisheries today and employ cutting-edge Trakker technology.

Trakker’s aim as a company is simply to provide a range of angling products that are not only innovative in design but are stylish and great value for money too. This statement is backed up by the sheer number of professional anglers that choose to use and endorsed their products.

All Trakker products are designed to work hard, contain many additional features and look the absolute business. All made to last and built from only the finest materials, Trakker shelters identify the serious angler over the mere hobbyist. Designed with whole life use in mind, the extra investment made at day one can be measured through use over time and even in the value on resale – where Tackle Fanatics will buy them at a great price.

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