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Fox International has been trading for over 40 years when the first product to bear the Fox name, a metal baitdropper, was released in 1967. Since then Fox have risen through the ranks to become the largest privately owned tackle firm in Europe. Originally created by Cliff Fox in the county of Essex, Fox international now sells products in 30 countries including the USA and Russia.

Fox reels are manufactured and setup to exacting standards and are used by many of Carp anglings finest anglers. Fox proudly boasts consultant anglers such as Ian ‘Chilly’ Chillcott, Steve Spurgeon, Chris Rose, Phillipe Lagabbe and many esteemed others.

At Tackle Fanatics we aim to have one of the broadest ranges of Fox reels in Europe. We have Fox reels from the latest Stratos range from the FS 7000 to the 12000 MAG.

These reels where one of the big product launches of the modern day Fox International, who have now grown to such highs that they have opened up a huge European distribution plant in Meer, on the Belgium/Holland border.

Today, the Essex based company, has an employment structure of over 100 people across both the United Kingdom and Europe, ensuring Fox International remains a truly international brand!

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