Daiwa Reels

Daiwa, one of the world’s biggest specialists, have always been synonymous with quality, combined with over 30 years of making and developing the very best equipment makes Daiwa as passionate about fishing as we at Tackle Fanatics are.

Daiwa reels are used by some of the most respected carp anglers both at home and abroad. With an impressive list of consultants on their books including Danny Fairbrass, Darrell Peck, Mike Wilmott and Julian Cundiff it’s easy to see why they have dominated the market for so long!

Daiwa have been dedicated to UK angling, not only in designing and making exceptional gear but by also 'reinvesting' in organisations, initiatives and events whose aim is to provide you with great fishing experiences. With over 30 years angling experience their innovation and design is second to none.

Tackle Fanatics have an incredible range of carp fishing reels in stock from the ultra cult ‘SS3000’ which may be a few years old but still widely used on the banks today to the modern day classic ‘Entoh’.

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