Chub Rods

Chub fishing rods are used by many good anglers across the country. Headed up by a group of very keen and experienced anglers, Chub manage to always meet the demand for new and innovative products. At the cutting edge of design and development, all of Chub products have a reputation for reliability. Making it easy to see how they are still going from strength to strength.

At Tackle Fanatics we have one of the broadest ranges of Chub rods in Europe. We have Chub rods from the latest models to old favourites which may be a few years old but are still used on the fisheries today and employ cutting-edge Chub technology.

Chub fishing rods are renowned for their affordable designs such as the Snooper and Outkast range. With their extremely comfortable feel and perfectly balanced fish playing action, Chub fishing rods achieve a standard that any top angler would be pleased to fish with.

Chub fishing rods have a smooth progressive action and classic minimalist styling typical of the elegant design for all Chub rods.

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