Fox 12000 FS Carp Reels

Fox 12000 FS Reel

  • 16 Stainless Ball Bearings + 1 Roller Bearing
  • Quick Front Clutch With Grit Guard
  • Twist Free Roller
  • Sprung Line Clip
  • With Spare Spool (can vary with second hand reels)

Fox continually strive to be front runners in the market, and this reel certainly reinforces that desire.

These stunning and eye catching reels feature a hardwearing Graphite body, which minimises weight while still retaining a strong body. They’ve been designed to be a true work horse, which is often required when targeting big carp, especially on big pits or rivers. The finish has been incredibly well thought out with a minimal, non-reflective look that subtly blends in with the surroundings.

The small and subtle Free Spool facility at the back of the reel is incredibly functional, as it disables the main clutch and allows line to be pulled smoothly of the reel when a carp picks up your hookbait and bolts. With a simple turn of the reel handle, the Free Spool will disengage leaving you to play the fish off the main clutch. It also has a super smooth retrieve due to being loaded with 16+1 Ball Bearings. The stylish black handle, spool and bail arm complete the look of these awesome reels.

A truly Fantastic reel from Fox that will rival others in a higher price bracket.

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