Fox Micron RX Digital Bite Alarms

Custom Remote Sensing Featuring a brand new five-minute range test facility, the RX allows the user to establish the alarm's range and to 'customise' performance of his remote system in an individual swim! Atmospheric conditions and the presence of large obstructions will affect the performance of all remote systems but with the RX, potential 'trouble' spots can be quickly identified, allowing optimum positioning of rods and remote and safe knowledge of the exact range of the system on a particular day in the swim being fished. When activated, the unit sends an intermittent signal while the angler walks to a particular area; as long as the test signal can be picked up , you are within range. Moreover, the 'test facility' is so smart that if a run occurs during the test period, the RX automatically changes to standard operational mode. Custom Sensitivity The RX also features 'Custom Sensitivity,' another unique feature that allows you to tune the sensitivity of the alarm with total precision. The RX has three rotary knobs unlike the four of its predecessor. Digital technology allows the Magnet and vibration sensitivity to be adjusted by rotating one switch clockwise or anticlockwise, making the alarm infinitely sensitive. With all the other features you'd expect from a top of the range alarm the RX is ultimate application of Micron technology and by far and away the most advanced alarm in the business.

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