Wychwood Exorcist Big Pit 65 Carp Reels

Wychwood Exorcist Big Pit

  • Aluminium spool
  • 12 ball bearings
  • Micro adjustable rear freespin
  • Excellent line lay
  • Available in two sizes

Wychwood have designed the Exorcist especially with the long range angler in mind. The aluminium spool has been specially designed for use with 40mm butt ring guides to ensure maximum casting distance is achieved. The use of an aluminium handle maintains maximum strength for pulling in monster carp at range.

Wychwoods Exorcist also features a mega line roller to reduce twist, aluminium body, superb balance, 12 ball bearings, oversized main shaft for massive cranking power, micro pinch front drag, rear freespin function, oversized line rollers and tournament line clips. Two available sizes are the 65 holding 290m of 18lb line or the 75 that holds 320m of 18lb line.

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Five stars Exorcist reel

Robert Shaw    13/01/2012

13.1 2012.I have 3 of these reels,i bought them 5 months ago.there great value fo money they do what it says on the tin. I've got no complaints what so ever.bobby d

Five stars All by my self

Scott Smith    29/03/2011

Wychwood is a very good solid make and would not let u down, I my self have had the privilege 2 have not 1 but 2 big pit reels well did have they was stolen with all my fishing gear and 2 no I no longer had my pit reels I was livid as I have never mist some thing so much!!! Don't let the miss no I said that ";"";" any way the big pit reels just felt so good in your hands u could feel the power with in, the wychwood brand is the 1 4 me it cost a bit but there is no going back 4 me I would spend my last penny and go with out diner just 2 have them once more, so here I am 2 do just that but would like 2 do a swop, I have 2 Daiwa rods 1 fly rod and 1 carp rod I all so have 2 olympic champens and a Molbra rod, I have lots more stuff I think u would like it's all in very good condition, I would like 2 try and get some good bati alarms and receiver or wot do u think

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