Fox FX13 - New Carp Reels

Fox FX13 Features:

  • Lightweight rotor and body with carbon reinforcement
  • Retrieval of 90cm of line per crank
  • Large capacity spool for long range work
  • SS shaft with CNC machined aluminium handle
  • Slow oscillation for line lay with fine line lay adjustment
  • Quick Clutch with dust guard, rotor line guard, balanced rotor profile
  • Anti-backlash system, Rotor brake, twist free roller and two line clips for repeated distance casting
  • Weight: 761g; Gear Ratio : 4.3:1; 5 SS ball bearings with one roller bearing
  • Line Capacity: 750m/0.33mm; 650m/0.35mm; 570m/0.37mm; 500m/0.40mm

Product Code: CRL071

An incredible amount of features for a very reasonable price!

This reel is packed with features for casting, from the large capacity spool that can take up to 500m of 0.40mm line to the line lay provided by the slow oscillation mechanism and fine-tuning line lay adjustment. The lightweight body made up of polymer with carbon reinforcements places more of the gearing and mechanism underneath the rotor for a slimline profile. For strength and durability, the shaft is constructed from stainless steel, which is tipped with a machined aluminium handle.

The long distance line lay is handled by the super slow oscillation mechanism, while the micro line lay adjustment ensures that it’ll fly off the pro cast-lipped spool every time. The mechanism has five SS bearings with one roller bearing and retrieves a healthy 90cm of line for each turn of the handle. The Quick Clutch has a grit guard, while there is also a rotor break on the balanced rotor, as well as a twist free roller and anti-backlash system.

Style-wise, the FX13 is understated, with a hardwearing graphite finish on the body, matt black colouring and subtle silver highlights. The two line clips are easily distinguishable: one in black, one in silver.

Overall, this reel is overflowing with features and specifications that allow it to function extremely well as a distance casting reel, as well as for performing a whole host of other functions.

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