CC Moore NS1+ Pink 13/14mm Pop-Ups

CC Moore NS1+ Pink 13/14mm Feature:

  • High visibility colour for immediate visual attraction
  • Carefully blended variety of potent citric fruit attractors
  • Strong buoyancy, adjustable by trimming
  • 5 season attraction with quick-disseminate attractants
  • Pot of 35 Pop-ups

Pop-ups harking back to the hand-made, ‘northern specials’ of old!

These pop ups have been designed and produced in conjunction with Gaz Fareham and are specifically formulated to emulate and better the legendary ‘northern specials’ of yore. Dyed a striking pink, these high-visibility pop-ups are vividly coloured and immediately visible in most conditions with enough light; this invariably draws nosy carp in to investigate.

Attraction is achieved through a carefully blended variety of potent citric fruit attractors based on original recipes; many of the original ingredients have become hard to find or unavailable over the years, so much effort was invested in finding a new supply or an improved substitute. This formula is even better than before, and will surprise again and again!

Suggestion: If coating Northern Special 1 Pop-Ups in attractant liquid, leave them to dry between coats rather than saturating them, as this can negatively affect buoyancy.

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