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Mainline Baits has been long established as one of the leading carp bait manufacturers in the world. Since they were originally founded a number of decades ago their brand and bait have come a long way. Essex based Mainline stuck to their original principle of offering anglers fantastic highly attractive bait, whilst providing carp a valuable food source.

Mainline produce probably the most popular carp bait range of all time the ‘Cell’, which has been used to great effect on some of the trickiest waters in the UK and Europe. Some other modern day classics such as the ‘New Grange’ and ‘Hybrid’ also make up part of their selection; whilst Mainline’s original old skool legend ‘Activ-8’ is still used all these years later by many top anglers all over the globe; a testament to the quality and effectiveness of their baits.

Mainline offer an extensive selection of different baits to complement their hugely successful boilie range; these include Response Pellets, their High Impact Groundbait range, Power+ Particles, dips, paste, popups and hookbaits.

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