Steve Neville Bite Alarms

Famous not only for making the legendary Neville Roller bit alarms, Steve Neville also produces a great range of high quality stainless bank sticks, buzz bars and other stainless steel fishing components. Steve Neville developed and enhanced his tool making skills whilst working at the Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE) in Farnborough in the UK during the mid 1980’s. Serving his apprenticeship making aircraft parts, Steve had access to some of the most cutting edge tools and technology available – something that without a doubt gave him a head start in this sector of the fishing industry.

With a passion for carp angling and many years of experience on waters like Cutmill, Farnham and Broad Oak, Steve got to thinking that he could make his own buzz bars, bank sticks and other stainless steel components to his own specifications – specifications that simply did not exist at the time. It was this innovation and high quality work that quickly earned Steve a cult following allowing him to set up a company of his own in 1990.

Through word of mouth Steve Neville’s business grew quietly whilst all the time his products were becoming synonymous with durability, immaculate design and real quality.

From this excellent starting point Steve began producing the now ultra cult roller buzzer alarm. This legendary alarm has achieved a remarkable cult status within carp fishing circles and can still be seen as part of many anglers armoury to this day. Up to the present day, Steve Neville has introduced new additions to the alarms, additions like a radio remote system, jack plug feature to enable the use of other radio remote systems and variable volume settings.

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