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Tackle Fanatics stock many, many bait boats from all of the top manufacturers. The latest bait boats from Angling Technics, Viper, Waverunner, Blue Sky and Deliverance amongst others. All our bait boats are ready to be shipped for overnight delivery. And of course we also stock models from previous years. Great condition bait boats at a fraction of the price. Old favourites like the Angling Technics Procat or the Viper Icon.

Tackle Fanatics also gives you the chance to trade-in your old bait boats and receive a discount off your new one. Simply fill in the tackle details on our website and we’ll email you a price for it.

Buying from Tackle Fanatics is a pleasurable experience. We feel that our new website is the best in the business. There will always be something new for you to browse through.

You can view the particular bait boat that you’re looking to buy in our photo library. These images are of the actual bait boat that you’re looking to buy. Each one is individually photographed buy our dedicated operations team.

All the bait boats that you see on the Tackle Fanatics website are in stock and ready for shipment and overnight delivery. Tackle Fanatics charges a flat rate of £4.99. Regardless of how many items you’re buying the delivery charge remains the same.

All our bait boats come with a 1-month warranty and of course our 7-day no quibble trail period. And if you’re not sure which bait boat is the one for you we have that covered too.

A bait boat is becoming one of the must have items of tackle in any serious anglers armory. Whether you use one for holidays in France, on vast inland sea’s, or on a quiet syndicated estate lake making the right choice will increase your catch rate so make sure that you get the right one. Traditionally there are only a handful of bait boat manufacturers. Although this is still the case, they all produce so many radical designs that everyone seems different.

Many anglers like the smaller bait boat such as the Angling Technics Procat as these are small and light enabling the mobile angler to use them too. On the other hand the Viper Storm is a boat with a truly massive hopper at 6 kilos capacity. Tackle Fanatics aim to cater for every anglers needs so it’s really up to you.

Our buying guides are written to ensure you get the right bait boat at the first attempt. These guides will help you find the right bait boat. If you’re a complete beginner or a hardy long session euro warrior looking for that bait boat that’ll give you the edge. No matter what you’re looking for – Tackle Fanatics has it covered!

To decide which bait boat is best for you, look for the right combination of hopper size, stability and agility and overall size.

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