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Four stars

peter jones    11.10.15

Have 4 of the 65 Riots and 4 of the 75 and they are great value at twice the price, well made and robust, I use the 65 for carp and general river fishing with bigger leads and the 75s are used for sea fishing, have had the line behind the spool a few times but no more than i get with my Shimano 10000 baitrunners and is normally the angler's fault and not the reels, well worth the money

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Four stars

jonathan hodgon    16.09.14

Ive just purchased 2 Wychwood Riot Reels from Tacklefanatics . what can I say Apart from Awesome comes to mind, well balanced, Smooth ,fast retrieve all in all a great Big Pit reel far beyond its price point ! thanks Tacklefanatics a very happy Carpy!

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Four stars

martin passmore    28.08.12

Bought a pair of these, wished now I had gone for a bait-runner type of spool as these don't have that facility. Plus I find that the line blows behind the spool more times than I would like and is a pain having to take off the spool to untangle every time.

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Four stars

Cameron Goodall    01.08.13

Had theses reels for 12 months have had nothing but problems with them there a shocking reel after nearly every cast there is line tangled under the spool when you take of the spool to untangle its a struggle to get it back on I have three of these reels and there all shocking

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