Harrison Torrix Carp Stalker Carp Rods

Harrison 9ft Carp Stalker Rod:

  • Full cork handle
  • Three piece rod
  • 2.75 test curve
  • Kigan guides
  • Classy cosmetic finish

An exceptional Stalker rod designed for taming carp in the margins

This 9ft Stalker rod is perfect for targeting hard fighting carp at close quarters. It’s ideal for poking through bushes or reeds, or even just lowering beneath over hanging tree’s where a standard 12ft rod just wouldn’t be suitable. Like any Harrisson rod, it has a lovely action with no flat spots, making it a joy to play a fish on. Naturally, it is soft enough in the tip section to prevent hook pulls close in, but still retains plenty of power in the butt to stop hard fighting carp lunging for snags, should it be required.

Due to its length, it’s still possible to cast a small PVA bag some distance, so can also be used as a short session rod where distance casting isn’t necessary or when fishing venue

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