Angling Technics Procat MK3 Bait Boats

Angling technics Procat MK 3:

  • Bait capacity: 0.75kg
  • - Single hopper
  • High capacity NMH technology
  • Light, 2.75kg including battery
  • Efficient, 1½ hours running time

The new MK3 procat has been one of the best bait boats on the market for years now, and again has been upgraded to make this boat even better, it now as an upgraded radio system to 2.4ghz which reduces the radio interference and has the ability to move channels to avoid picking up other handsets on the lake.

The MK3 has a bait capacity of nearly 1k making this perfect for uk waters it also comes with a hopper extension to allow more bait to be added. The design of this boat makes it very low to the water making snag fishing much easier. The boat battery is very light coupled with the size of the boat makes this package very compact ideal when trying to travel light. This boat is a dream to move around the lake and of course now works well and moves in reverse.

The Procat Mk3 now has full manoeuvrability in all directions, even reverse!

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Four stars Great for estate lakes

Jason Dawes    23/10/2012

I purchased this boat as I wanted a compact bait boat for my local syndicate water which has lots of snags and overhanging trees which you cannot cast too. The boat itself is very compact and appears narrow. it is a twin hull boat with the bait area in the centre of the boat, the bait capacity is about 500g ish, but I purchased a hopper extension and now it takes about a kilo. The boat is propeller driven with guards underneath these actually do drag weed into them so be careful and clean the guards after use ( I use a pair of tweezers for this). The handset uses 8 AA batteries which tend to run out quick so purchase rechargeable ones, the actual boat battery is same as a remote controlled car which means you can pick up extra boat batteries for around £10 mark. The boat lasts around 4 hours per battery which is plenty. They are low profile in the water and have two drain holes in the front of the boat to allow water to be removed after use. You do not have to prime this boat as it is propeller driven as previously mentioned, one down side I have found is the Ariel on the boat if not connect you cannot pick up a signal further away than 10 feet so do not loose the boat Ariel what ever you do. its pretty quick too but the normal turning circle is disappointing. overall great for small lakes but i would not take it onto a big reservoir due to the low profile and potential for water ingress and bait carrying ability.

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