Shimano Purist 15' Trotter Float Rods

Shimano Purist 15ft Trotter Rod Features:

  • Super Slim
  • XT60 + Biofibre Blank
  • Cork/Duplon Handle
  • Light weight – 225g
  • Transport Length – 168cm

Shimano Purist 15ft Trotter has been designed with the flowing water float angler in mind. Its long lightweight blank and fast-tapered action makes picking up line and controlling a float at long range childs play, but is also at home on still waters.

The rods action not only helps the angler to control his end tackle in testing conditions but also possesses a forgiving tip section that lends itself to the use of small hooks and light lines. Not to be under gunned the Purist Trotter has a powerful butt section to tame the largest of river monsters.

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