Mainline Pineapple Pro-Active Response 400g Pellets

Mainline Pro-Active Pineapple Response Pellet – 400g Features:

  • Packed With Attraction
  • Feed Inducing
  • Range To Match All Mainline Baits
  • Multitude of Applications
  • Slow Breakdown

Perfect pellets!

Mainline’s Response Pellets are a superb attractor that will induce the most lethargic carp into feeding. These pellets slowly dissolve releasing attractors into the water column drawing fish from far and wide. The pellets contain high levels of flavours that are tailored to match each boilie in the Mainline range, and work in all temperatures.

Response Pellets can be used in stick mixes, pva bags, spod mixes or simply thrown in to create a feeding area teaming with food signals. If you’re looking to turn the carp on your lake into feeding machines then get yourself a bag of Mainline Response Pellets.

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Pineapple Pro-Active Response 400g

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Pineapple Pro-Active Response 400g



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