Starbaits MILSPEC LCR Carp Rods


  • Exceptional Casting Tools
  • 50mm Butt Ring
  • Fuji Reel Seat
  • Abbreviated Handle
  • Stainless Butt cap

These rods from Starbaits are proven distance casting rods that are second to none.

These exceptional rods have undergone very thorough testing until the right balance was achieved between casting performance and playing abilities. These rods really do cast to the horizon, with casts in excess achieved with a rig attached. It will comfortably handle PVA bag work and even method feeders without the fear of the rod giving in.

It will cast accurately at huge distances, yet is surprisingly forgiving when playing fish. The tip is forgiving, even under the rod tip, when playing smaller carp and copes admirably with larger carp. Due to the rods nature, it has the ability to stop even the hardest fighting fish from reaching any snags or dangerous features. The rod is finished throughout with the high quality fittings.

These rods will suit the distance angler or those that want the option to be able to reach the horizon.

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