Shimano Tribal Long Cast Carp Rods

Shimano Tribal Long Cast

  • Low Resin Content carbon
  • 1K strengthening wrap
  • Casting Weight (g) 100
  • Guides 6
  • Weight: 274g

Featuring a balanced blend of Low Resin Content carbon, High Pressure Carbon processing and 1K strengthening wrap, the Tribal Longcast rods are among the most responsive carp blanks that Shimano have ever produced and will improve any angler's casting performance.

Each rod action has been specifically developed around its test curve - the higher the test curve the greater the blank compression. The 2.75lb version is designed for mid-range bag work with a delightful forgiving action, whilst the 3.25lb stepped-up model will deliver single baits and sticks at extreme distance with pinpoint accuracy.

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