Shimano Beastmaster BX Marker Carp Rods

Shimano Beastmaster BX Marker Features:

  • XT60 plus Biofibre blank
  • SDR construction
  • Fuji Rings
  • Available in a range of test curves
  • Minimalist finish

A member of Shimano's iconic Beastmaster family, the BX Marker is a serious angler's tool built to withstand the rigors of regular marker work.

Clearly recognised for its strength and robust performance, the Beastmaster BX Marker features an SDR spineless construction which eliminates blank twist. Removing the torsion in a rod blank dramatically improves casting accuracy and delivers a faultless playing action - features that competitors can only offer at top-end prices. This translates to excellent distance casting ability coupled with a heavy load.

The styling has taken a minimalist, retro approach with a simple carbon and silver look.

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