Shimano Tribal Carp Carp Rods

Tribal Carp

  • 1K Strengthening Wrap
  • Powerful butt Forgiving Blank
  • Great All Round Range of Rods
  • Full Set of Fuji Rings
  • Lightweight

The Shimano Tribal Carp is a member of Shimano’s stunning Tribal rod range. The rods design utilises HPC processing combined with a 1K strengthening wrap and dual taper design that produces a stiff but beautifully progressive action. The Tribal Carp has the power to cast out PVA bags, method feeders and big leads at range whilst maintaining a fish playing action to avoid hook pulls when playing fish under the rod tip.

The 2.75tc version is a rod for short to medium range fishing, suitable for ranges up to 100 meters. The more powerful 3.25tc rod gives the angler larger casting potential whilst remaining a forgiving playing action not normally associated with such a powerful rod. The rods stunning lightweight blank is finished with a full set of Fuji rings including a 50mm butt ring and a special slender tip guide that doesn’t have any bulky weld joints that in turn prevents tip wrap-rounds whilst increasing casting distance and accuracy.

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Tribal Carp

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Tribal Carp

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