Harrison Torrix Marker Carp Rods

Harrison Torrix Marker Features:

  • Carbon fibre blank
  • Fuji NPS20 reel seat
  • SiC lite rings
  • Japanese shrink ruber butt grip
  • 1K Kevlar weave

Another fantastic member of the Harrison range of rods, the Torrix Marker is finished with features similar to the Torrix, but with the additional power needed to put your marker where you need it.

The Torrix Marker utilises new tapers and materials to produce fantastic performance at low diameter and weight. The butt and tip utilise two different carbon fibres in the zero axis to achieve low down casting power with forgiving no lock-up characteristics in the middle and tip. At ninety degrees is a ribcage of super lightweight carbon which controls the rod in compression. How the carbon performs in compression is as important in a bending rod as the way the fibres perform in tension. Harrison has aimed for a design which balances the compression and tension performance to optimise the balance between casting and playing fish. The butt of the rod is given a surface ply of 1k carbon fabric which strengthens the rod, improves hoop strength and reduces torque.

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