Total Fishing Gear TF Gear TSI (Set of three) Carp Rods


  • Premium Fuji Reel Seats
  • Japanese Shrink-Wrap Grip
  • Through Action
  • Finished To The Highest Standard

Using the very latest carbon fibres, these remarkable TFGear TSI 12' Carp Rods come to life in your hands, giving you total control over every fish you hook.

These TFGear TSI 12' Carp Rods are built with the best components, resistance free rings that allow line to glide effortlessly, premium Fuji reel seats for absolute reel stability, and premium Japanese shrink-wrap for sure grip in any conditions. Groundbreaking tournament tapers harness energy and produces distances never before imagined, while reactive fibres deliver pin-point accuracy cast after cast.

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