Fox Micron EOS X Bite Alarms

Fox Micron EOS X Alarm Features:

  • Push Button Controls
  • Volume, Tone and Sensitivity Settings
  • Removable Covers
  • 4 Magnet Roller
  • Long Battery Life

An alarm that does it all without breaking the bank

Fox’s Micron EOS X comes from their top selling Micron alarm series. These alarms feature a number of highly advanced features which include push button controls, volume, tone and sensitivity adjustment, Adjustable LED color, interchangeable LED lenses, removable covers to suit the anglers taste, a power out socket for sounder boxes & illuminated indicators and audible/visual drop back indication, sensitive 4 magnet roller and a super long battery life.

All these features are housed in a modern, sleek body that is sealed to protect is from the elements.

Packed with features!

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