Wychwood Recon Marker Rod Carp Rods

Wychwood Recon Marker Rod Features:

  • 50mm Butt ring as standard
  • Triple leg, braid friendly rings
  • Full length Japanese shrink wrapped handle
  • Slow build up, power taper high modulus blank
  • 12” length gauge on butt section

Wychwood's Recon Marker is a powerful marker rod that's been meticulousely designed to function with a great sense of feel and accuracy.

Featuring a full-lengh Japanese shrink-wrap handle, the rod is built on a slower build-up, power taper high-modulus blank. The rod also features a 50mm butt ring, triple-leg braid-friendly rings and a powerful reel seat. Finished off with gunmetal trim and a laser engraved butt cap, the rod demonstrates a nice touch of class.

Overall, Wychwood's Recon Marker is an excellent marker rod that offers great value for money.

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