Free Spirit Hi-'S' Carp Rods

Free Spirit Hi ‘S’ 12ft 3.25lb Rod:

  • Fuji SIC guides
  • Two piece
  • Stainless butt cap
  • Low resin 40t Carbon with 1k weave
  • Capable of putting leads extreme ranges
The Free Spirit Hi ‘S’ is amongst the best rods on the market

The Free Spirit range of rods have proved to be a massive hit amongst carp anglers since they were first launched, despite having minimal advertising. The rods have been built using high quality Japanese low resin 40t carbon and an attractive 1k weave. This in turn significantly reduces the resin content, which in turn makes the blanks slimmer and lighter, yet incredibly powerful. The low resin content radically reduces the softening process keeping the rods in top condition in both looks and performance.

The rods have a semi-fast action, with a stiffer mid and butt section, but soft tip. This allows plenty of power if needed to bully fish away from danger, with the soft tip reducing the chance of hook pulls. They also have minimal tip bounce, which minimizes friction on the cast, resulting in greater achievable distances.

This is a real high end rod, with exceptional casting ability

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