Angling Technics Technicat Mk2 - Bluesounder Echo Bait Boats

Angling Technics Technicat Mk2 - Blue Sounder Echo Features:

  • Incredible Bluesounder Echo shows depth and surface index
  • 3kg Bait Capacity
  • 400+ Meter Range
  • Super Stable in Rough Conditions
  • 90 Minute Running Time

This already impressive bait boat now comes with an incredible echo sounder to help you see exactly what lies below the surface of your swim.

The Technicat MK2 is the latest bait boat in the Angling Technics range. It has been introduced to bridge the gap between the massively popular Pro Cat and Microcat. It features a single large central hopper capable of carrying up to 3 kilos of bait which is housed in a low profile body making it ideal for use in rough conditions. Its stable hull design, extremely fast speed and massive 400+ meter range makes this boat the ultimate all-rounder for use at home and abroad. It’s also been upgraded to a 2.4Ghz radio system, meaning an improvement on the radio signal received by the boat and making it less susceptible to environmental conditions and interference. It is also now capable of channel hopping in case another boat user is on the same frequency.

This boat comes equipped with a Bluesounder Echo that’s been developed by Fulcrum Designs. This impressive bit of kit will allow you to totally map out the contours of a lake and thanks to its advanced digital signal processing, it can even tell the difference between weed, gravel and sand! What’s even better is that the information can be displayed directly on your iPhone, iPad or iPod for high-resolution viewing!

A truly fantastic bit of kit that is sure to add to the armoury of any current, or potential, bait boat operator.

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