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Dream Maker Intrigue MK1

Dream to use without a nightmare on the bank balance

  • A classic cult rod
  • Fuji reels seat and rings
  • Super slim brown blank
  • Stainless butt cap and collars

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About Rod Hutchinson Rods

Rod Hutchinson Rods

Manufactured to the standards of the living legend himself, Rod Hutchinson has been a renowned carp and big fish angler for longer than many of us has been alive! Originating from the times when modern carp fishing techniques weren’t even imagined, Rod has always been a pioneer for the sport, with his amazing range of rods being no different than what you would expect from such a high profile name.

Rods such as the Legend, Intrigue and New Horizon are a credit to his name and have accounted for the capture of many big fish both at home and abroad.

Here at Tackle Fanatics we aim to provide you with the widest range of second hand carp rods in Europe. If you’re not sure what rod you need to best suit your angling then take a look at our buyers guide at the bottom of the site. Still unsure? - Just call Tackle Fanatics direct and one of our experienced staff will be able to help you to pick the best rod for you and ultimately put more fish on the bank.