Delkim Bite Alarms

Formed in the late 1970’s, carp anglers Del Romang and Kim Donaldson united their names to form the legendary company Delkim. At the time of forming the company bite alarms were very much in their infancy, whilst the ones that were available simply were not suitable for the rigours of carp fishing. First to hit the bite alarm scene were the ‘Heron’ antenna alarm, invented by the famous Dick Walker in the 1950’s, this was virtually the only alarm available at the time and was considered to be ‘state of the art’ regardless of its various shortcomings. Del made some early DIY attempts at marrying electronics into the Heron, attempts that didn’t go unnoticed by anglers at the famous carp water, Darenth in Kent, even in the 1970’s. Using electronic circuitry, LED’s and what were known as ‘GPO’ speakers the Delkim Heron was born and made commercially available by anglers sending their own ‘Herons’ to Delkim for the conversion to take place. It was this conversion service that established Delkim in the bite alarm industry.

From this then came the revolutionary ‘Optonic’ bite alarm which again had flaws that Delkim again stepped in to overcome these problems. The resulting alarm was the infamous Delkim ‘Optonic’ conversion which has groundbreaking features such as magnetic rotaion sensing super low current drain and the all important reliability factor. This now set the standard to which all other electronic bite alarms where judged and firmly cemented the reputation and name of Delkim in the history books.

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